Our Services
Professional interpreters physically and digitally, via meetings & video calls

When ordering an interpreter with us at Tolkia, you can feel confident that all information is communicated correctly. We choose the right interpreter for your assignment and ensure that the interpreter has the opportunity to carefully prepare for the assignment. In the case of recurring assignments from the same customer, we try to employ the same interpreter, which ensures continuity in your work.

We offer trained and authorized interpreters as well as interpreters with special competence for assignments in, for example, the judiciary and healthcare. Our interpreters are professional, neutral, impartial and work in accordance with Kammarkollegiet Good interpretation.

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Contact Interpreter
Contact interpreter means that we provide an interpreter on site. This is the most common and traditional application of interpreter.

-Fits best for long and difficult types of communication tasks, such as in certain parts of the care and justice system.
-The interpreter has the opportunity to capture visual impressions in the personal meeting.
-There is no risk of technical interruptions.

Phone Interpreter
In telephone interpretation, the interpreter is included at a distance. You avoid travel time and the interpreter's working hours are used more efficiently.

-When you need an interpreter at short notice.
-When you need interpretation in a less common interpreting language
-When you need an interpreter with special skills.

emergency Interpreter
When you need an interpreter at short notice.

message Service
At message service, the interpreter calls the recipient and reads the message. Examples are cases such as calls, cancellations or other quick information. The message should be concise, no more than three sentences and formulated so that the interpreter is not exposed to questions.